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Dege print house

38th descendant of Sonam Puntsok lineage

Sonam Puntsok (bsod nams phun tshogs) was born in mid seventeenth century in Dege (sde dge). His father was Orgyen Tashi (o rgyan bkra shis), the nominal head of the royal family in the thirty-eighth generation.


37th descendant of Orgyen Tashi lineage

Orgyen Tashi (o rgyan bkra shis) was born some time in the seventeenth century. He was the son of Lupel (klu ‘phel), the seventh king of Dege (sde dge) and the head of the royal family in its thirty-seventh generation.


34th descendant of Yagyel Pel lineage

He is counted as the head of the family in its thirty-fourth generation. His father was Ponchen A-nga (dpon chen a snga, d.u.), the third king of Dege.

The management of Dege Sutra-Printing House

32th descendant of Gyeltsen Bum lineage

He is counted as the head of the family in its thirty-second generation. His father was Botar Tashi Sengge (o thar bkra shis seng+ge, d.u.), the first king of Dege.


The First king of Botar Tashi Sengge

Botar chose a place called Ngulda (dngul mda’) for his seat and initiated his family’s rule over the kingdom. He famously invited the Nyingma tantric master Tangtong Gyelpo (thang stong rgyal po,


Yangchen Dolma the daughter of Tenpa Tsering

Yangchen Dolma (dbyangs can sgrol ma) was the daughter of Tenpa Tsering (bstan pa tshe ring, 1678-1738), the twelfth king of Dege Kingdom. She had two brothers who served as abbots and rulers of the kingdom,


Chinese Poach Endangered in Tibet

Local Tibetans found the carcasses of 20 musk deer and one eagle on June 22, 2016 in the traditional Tibetan area of Kham Dege, located today in Sichuan province.