37th descendant of Orgyen Tashi lineage

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Orgyen Tashi (o rgyan bkra shis) was born some time in the seventeenth century. He was the son of Lupel (klu ‘phel), the seventh king of Dege (sde dge) and the head of the royal family in its thirty-seventh generation. His brother by the same mother was Kunga Puntsok (kun dga’ phun tshogs), who is considered to have been the first abbot of Lhundrubteng (lhun grub steng). His second brother, by his father’s second wife, was Sanggye Tenpa (sangs rgyas bstan pa), who served as the third abbot of Lhundrubteng.

He had four sons. The eldest was Sonam Puntsok (bsod nams phun tshogs, d.1714), who became the fourth abbot of Lhundrubteng. His second son was Wangchen Gonpo (dbang chen mgon po), who became the ninth king and head of the family in the thirty-ninth generation.

Source: The Treasury of lives

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