36th descendant of Ponchen Konchok lineage

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Ponchen Konchok Lhuntub (dpon chen dkon mchog lhun grub) was the sixth king of the Dege kingdom (sde dge) and the head of the family for the thirty-sixth generation. He lived in the first half of the seventeenth century. His father was Namkha (nam mkha’), the brother of Kunga Rinchen (kun dga’ rin chen), the fifth king of Dege, who evidently did not have children.

He had six sons and one daughter. At least three sons ordained: Kunga Gyatso (kun dga’ rgya mtsho), also known as Dege Lama (sde dge bla ma), Jampa Puntsok (byams pa phun tshogs), and Lama Lhasung (bla ma lha srung). The other two sons, Lupel (klu ‘phel), Ponchen Karma (dpon chen karma), and Karma Samdrub (karma bsam grub), continued the family line, with Lupel leading the family in the next generation and Jampa Puntsok as the religious leader, who is credited with formally establishing the great Dege monastery,Lhundrubteng (lhun grub steng). This separation of secular and religious responsibilities between the two brothers was continued through successive generations; the first son of the secular head of the family would ordain and become the head of Lhundrubteng, while the second son would marry and continue the family line.
Source: The Treasury of lives

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