34th descendant of Yagyel Pel lineage

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DSC_0594Yagyel Pel (ya rgyal ‘phel) lived during the sixteenth century. He is counted as the head of the family in its thirty-fourth generation. His father was Ponchen A-nga (dpon chen a snga, d.u.), the third king of Dege. His elder brother, Joden Namkha Lhunzang (jo gdan nam mkha’ lhun bzang), was a monk who was associated with the practice of wrathful Mañjuśrī.

He had three sons. Kunga Rinchen (kun dga’ rin chen) became the fifth king of Dege. The other two were named Namkha (nam mkha’) and Dorje Lhundrub (rdo rje lhun grub).
Source: The Treasury of lives

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